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MPointer application:
The MPointer application gives you a mouse pointer on your USB host enabled PPC. It needs no installation. Just copy the executable file to any location on your PPC. After you connected the USB mouse, call the application.

Remember, MPointer is NOT a driver, it is an application. MPointer uses the standard builtin USBHID driver (if any) of your device.

MPointer is free for personal use.

Mouse Pointer HID driver:
The HID driver fully implements the functionality of MPointer.

You don't need to run MPointer.exe anymore. Plug in the mouse and you will have the mouse pointer. This also works on power on, soft reset, plug into the cradle...

Please test with your mouse.

For installation please see readme file in the package.

Mouse Pointer HID driver is free for personal use.

USB mass storage driver:
The long awaited USB mass Storage driver for PocketPC 2002

This is a driver which enables you to use USB mass storage devices (HD, multimedia Reader, digital camera) with your USB host enabled PocketPC.

For installation please see readme file in the package.

Please be patient because several devices needs some time to get initialized (digital camera).

Warning: This driver can damage your data, don't use it with important data or USB-devices!

Please send any comments, bugs via email.

Registry values for testing:

Key: HKLM\Drivers\USB\ClientDrivers\Mass_Storage_Class

Value name: BufferSize, Value type: DWORD

Size in bytes for internal buffers for double buffering.

Value name: MaxTransfer, Value type: DWORD

Size in bytes for maximal transfer at once over USB bus. This entry is added for machines which have problems transfering a large number of bytes at once. Toshiba owners should set this to 1536.

Value name: USBLog, Value type: DWORD

0 = no outpout

1 = Schow message box about original USB subclass and used USB subclass

Value name: USBSubclass, Value type: DWORD

allow to overwrite the reported subclass. If your device is not working or reports a wrong subclass (not inside 1 to 6), you can try to use a different USB subclass. Most devices will need 1 or 6 here.

USB mass storage driver is free for personal use.

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Thank you very much.

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